Authentic Mediterranean

Daniele Fiorello was born and trained in the heart of the Mediterranean - Sicily. The food prepared at Fiorello's Cafe is authentic, fresh and savory -- just like you would have if you were sitting seaside in one of the small towns the dot the coastline of Sicily.

Excellent Wine Selection

Wine. Vino. Whatever you call it, it enhances the cooking and the dishes! Fiorello's has over 35 varieties of wine faring from various prestigious global regions. Ask your server for help and they'll help you make a great choice. Owner Danny Fiorello recommends his favorite white wine, the Casa Vinicola Roero Arneis pairing great with seafood!

Convenient Location

Cafe Fiorello's is easy to get to. So if it's snowing, raining or sleeting or hailing -- ok, you get the picture: great food is here for you. You won't get rained on getting here that's for sure.

In the news...

730 E. Gay St.
West Chester, PA 19380